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Conference interpreting

We can provide a complete package of professional interpreting services - without losing sight of your project budget. We can help with planning and organisation and arrange for high-quality conference interpreting teams. And we will be there to provide advice and support throughout.

  1. We work with you to select the most appropriate interpreting set-up > Interpreting Methods
  2. We put together the best qualified team from our panel of interpreters and provide them with support both ahead of and during the event itself
  3. We can liaise on your behalf with conference equipment suppliers or provide the necessary resources ourselves > Conference Equipment
  4. We advise you on the best communications arrangement for the conference rooms, e.g. position of booths, seating arrangements etc. If required we can act as a point of contact for official dinner coordinators and in-house technicians
  5. We can provide a translation service for your conference programmes, pre-mailings, invitations, conference papers, minutes, etc.