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Operating profile

Type of event

We can provide organisation and interpreting services for the following:

  • conferences and conventions
  • board meetings, AGMs and press conferences
  • marketing events
  • customer symposiums
  • seminars
  • workshops
  • training days
  • product presentations
  • EWC meetings
  • factory visits
  • business negotiations
  • in-house exhibitions
  • patent negotiations, depositions, arbitration proceedings
  • live TV broadcasts
  • and much more...

Specialist areas

Interpreting events come in all shapes and sizes and are as varied as the subject areas we regularly have to work in.

The energy industry is an important focus for us and we have acquired extensive expertise as a result of years of experience working with the major energy utilities based in the Rhine-Ruhr area:

Electricity – gas – water – mining – transport and conveying - renewable energies…

We pride ourselves in being specialists in these fields and will be happy to supply references from our many clients in the energy industry and related sectors.

Our range of activities also includes international patent law. Having worked for the European Patent Office for many years, as well as regular attendance at multi-language hearings in the German Patent Court and at various Higher Regional Courts, we are extremely well equipped to handle the legal and technical issues that arise in the field of patents and patent law.

Patents – opposition proceedings – infringement proceedings – appeals –nullity suits

The introduction of the new European Unitary Patent has seen a significant increase in the number of international hearings at regional courts around Europe. Speak to us if you are a patent law firm in need of linguistic assistance for your international clients at court hearings!

We have also worked for a number of years as interpreters at major HANDELSBLATT Conferences organised by EUROFORUM Deutschland SE. This has involved a wide range of conference themes, including:

Banking and finance – energy – IT - security policy…

In addition, we have been involved in many other sectors that play an important role in our local area, including steelmaking, chemicals and plastics. We also feel very much at home working with clients in automotive and mechanical engineering and in the textile and furniture industries.